Decked all out with Toy Story motifs, camping and Toy Story-loving families will love it!

If you love camping and the Disney-Pixar film Toy Story, then have we got a surprise for you! Japanese camper van-specialty company Toy Factory is just about to release a brand new, super limited-edition design themed completely on the critically acclaimed, beloved film.

It’s called the Toy’s Box 95, with “95” being a nod to 1995, the year of the first Toy Story movie’s release, and “Toy’s Box” being the name of the camping van model. The concept behind it is that it’s a toy box filled with dreams that can take you on an adventure, and it’s filled with Toy Story motifs, enough that you feel like you’re stepping into Woody and Buzz’s world when you climb inside.

The interior of the RV is based on Andy’s room from the film. Sky blue cabinet and closet doors emulate his curtains…

…and the console between the two front seats is designed to look like Andy’s toy box, where Woody and his friends reside.

The seat covers and carpets take Woody as their theme, with yellow, navy, and brown colors.

The floor mats and the step mats are also adorned with the Toy Story logo, and the serial number plate has Andy’s signature on it.

Every last detail has been incorporated, so you really do feel like you’ve shrunk to toy size and become a member of the cast. Even the wheels, which are aluminum to match the theme, have an original Toy’s Box 95 logo on their caps!

The Toy’s Box is a camper car designed with simplicity and spaciousness in mind, with comfortable furniture and plenty of leisure commodities on board. With Toy Factory’s original triple-insulated construction, Full Aero Windows designed for optimum ventilation and functionality, easy-to-use electrical panels, and other add-on facilities to make long-distance journeys comfortable such as solar panels, air conditioning, a refrigerator-freezer, a TV, and a roof ventilator fan, it’s one of Toy Factory’s longtime best sellers.

Purchase of the Toy’s Box 95 also comes with an original Toy Story dining set for four, designed specifically to accompany this car…

…as well as some original stickers that kids can use to decorate their space like Andy’s desk.

The car will sell for the base price of 7.2 million yen ($52,972.34), but the kicker is that only 30 of them will be made, so sales will be conducted by lottery. If you’re interested in buying one, make sure to apply at Toy Factory dealers and other official sellers between July 16 and 24. Those who have won the chance to purchase one will be contacted after July 27.

And if you’re a Toy Story fan, don’t forget to book a stay at Tokyo Disney Resort’s new Toy Story Hotel the next time you visit Tokyo Disneyland!

Source, images: @Press
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