Car stereo equipment can be very expensive to have installed at a shop. Adding a car amp to your stereo is definitely something that is not too hard to do, but does take having all the right tools and the right stereo products. You do not need to be an expert in electronics or work on cars. You will need to have a good knowledge of how to install it correctly though or your new stereo could become a nightmare.

Before you start the install on your car amps you will want to make sure you have all of the right tools and all the right equipment. Some of the most common used tool are screwdrivers, panel remover, box cutter, electric drill, wire strippers, crimpers, socket sets, pliers and electrical tape. Each car will be a little different though, and may require different tools though. Be sure you make sure you have all the right tools before starting the install as nothing is more frustrating than a trip to the hardware store when you find out you don’t have the right size socket half way through the install.

Now a lot of these tools can be purchased at a local hardware store or online. As we mentioned each car will be different in the tools that it will require to install the wiring. You can sometimes find manuals or videos of people installing or removing parts to your specific vehicle online. If you can find a video of someone removing the same panel you are wanting to, watching that before starting will give you a huge confidence boost.

Besides these tools you will also need the right wiring to install your new car amp. In order to install your amp you will need: power wire, ground wire, RCA cables, terminals, and a remote turn-on wire. The easiest way to get these is in an amp kit. These amp kits come in a variety of different sizes depending on what size amp you have so you will want to make sure you research this and make sure you get the right one.

Before you begin installing your car amps you will want to make sure that you determine what needs to be done. To do this simply open the hood and locate where the battery is located. Then you will want to find a good place in the firewall to run the power wire through. Check to see if there are any existing holes in the firewall that you can run the wire through. Then look at the inside of the car and see how you want to run the wire. Always run the power wire on the opposite side of the car as the RCA cables to prevent engine noise from going in the line.

The type and thickness of the wiring you will want will depend on the size of the car amp you are installing and the length of the power wire. You will want to make sure you buy a quality amp kit as many on the cheap ones out there have very poor quality wiring in them.