RV Floor Plans – Who Said RVs Are Not Tiny Houses? : It is recommended that renting an RV or tiny house would be a healthy exercise in order to get the feel for a reality check. Even window shopping or online research would be a great idea for this, however going to a dealer is actually better to determine the size and RV floor plan you would mostly see yourself living in.

Funny to say, after going in and out of many sizes and models to take a look at the interior layouts, our conclusion is that the smaller ones had the best layouts.

After looking at the brand new ones, we then started seeing the used RVs and found the older models to have friendlier layouts than the newer models. Strange right? RV designers come up with different styles of RV floor plans by taking into consideration sleeping arrangements, bathrooms and additional exterior kitchen facilities for outdoor enjoyment as well.

For instance, the larger models, 32-40 ft. long, bring a more comfortable layout. However, most of the bedrooms were cramped for space and very uncomfortable, while the eating booth was large. Why not make the booth a 18 inches smaller and give that space to the bedroom? In addition, maybe a used one could be remodeled to your specifications and still save on expenses. Remodeling one to your “needs and wants” is an attractive option without a doubt. There are fifth wheelers, trailers and motorized models to be explored also.

On the other hand, parking must be considered. On your way to mortgage freedom, less expenses and financial flexibility, wouldn’t it be ideal to park it in a resort area with a view? RV resort parks are available throughout the country and bring along many amenities and included services which will also alleviate monthly expenses in comparison to living in a larger home. Basic services included are access to water, sewage, power and Wi-Fi for weekend or monthly charges. Other services that could be included, depending on the site, are picnic areas, pools, parking, dumpster, showers, restrooms, allowing pets, laundry and security. Each RV resort must be verified individually for rates.

What about exploring the United States while living full-time in your tiny house RV? Driving on the road could turn out to be very rewarding as you explore all the places you’ve always wanted to go. Family togetherness and sharing becomes the number one priority for unforgettable moments. Why not enjoy RV living or a tiny house?

Feel free already? Research will continue to be shared, so keep tuned for more information on our findings.