Despite virtual reality being around for some years, it still really hasn’t caught on despite excellent offerings from Meta and Sony. At the top of the year, Sony confirmed that it was working on its next-generation VR headset, the PS VR2. As we get closer and closer to its release, the company has offered little tidbits of information, first showing off its design and later giving those curious a look at the PS VR 2 experience. While things have been looking pretty good so far, some bad news about the device has emerged, which could impact many current PS VR users.

During the official PlayStation podcast, Sony Senior Vice President of Global Product Strategy and Management Hideaki Nishino was asked whether original PlayStation VR titles would be able to be played on the upcoming device. Unfortunately, the answer is no, PS VR titles will not be compatible with PS VR2. He went on to say that the titles are not compatible because the PS VR2 was built to deliver a next-generation experience. The PS VR2 has advanced features like its brand-new haptic feedback controller with adaptive triggers, inside-out tracking, eye tracking, and also HDR and 3D audio. Because of these advanced features, developing PS VR2 games is completely different than developing PS VR titles.

The news will no doubt come as a bit of shock to current PS VR users. While there are titles that will work with PS VR2, it sounds like, for the most part, backward compatibility is not going to be high on Sony’s priority list. Going forward, unless something changes, those that want to keep playing their PS VR titles will need to keep their existing hardware. Sony has yet to announce a price or firm release date for the PS VR2, only stating that it will arrive in early 2023.

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Source: PlayStation Blog 
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