Image Credit: MusicTech

NuraTrue Pro are the first pair of lossless and spatial audio pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Nura has announced the NuraTrue Pro – the first pair of lossless and spatial audio pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones, reports MusicTech.

These wireless earbuds are the follow-up to the NuraTrue earbuds, and they deliver CD-quality lossless audio with spatial processing and adaptive noise cancellation. All of this is possible with Qualcomm’s new aptX lossless audio technology – a chip which enables the transmission bandwidth needed for uncompressed 16-bit 44.1kHz audio.

Before now, high quality lossless audio demanded high-end hardware, often professional studio gear. But Qualcomm’s Snapdragon mobile platform is here to change that.

NuraTrue Pro wireless Bluetooth earbuds

In its existing products, Nura provides lossless audio in addition to its patented Personalized Sound technology. This tech personalises your listening experience by measuring your hearing to establish EQ settings right for you.

But combining both of these technologies will give you an “unrivalled audio experience”, states Nura.

Furthermore, Sweden-based company Dirac has provided a spatial audio mode that makes for an immersive sound experience that was only before available on wired, over-ear headphones.

Now, in spatial audio mode, you can expect an “expanded soundscape”.

As for noise cancelling, the NuraTrue Pro takes it one step further and includes adaptive noise cancellation technology. As a result, your NuraTrue Pro earbuds will adjust the level of noise-cancelling based on the earbud positions via its three built-in noise-sensing microphones.

And finally, Nura’s new ProEQ technology allows you to use the accompanying mobile app – for both iOS and Android – and apply fine tweaks to the headphones’ EQ settings.

NuraTrue Pro will cost $329 upon release. But if you pre-order the new buds on Kickstarter, you can secure the headphones for an “early bird discount” of $199. Pre-order via Kickstarter below.