How To Prepare A Conversion Van For A Camping Trip : Many people enjoy camping trips that do not require leaving behind all of the privacy and conveniences of home. Custom vans offer campers the option to enjoy the outdoors without having to deal with the problems associated with a massive recreational vehicle (RV) or a small car. Camping for several days or even weeks in a van conversion has many benefits, including the ability to simply retreat inside a comfortable cabin if the weather turns bad. It is important to prepare for this type of trip by planning a good route and adjusting the van so that it will be comfortable at night.

Remove Unneeded Fixtures

One of the best features of a van conversion is that the seats and other fixtures inside vehicle can be removed when necessary. Everyone will have to sleep in the back of the van at night, get dressed there during the day and eat there in the afternoon. This usually requires more space than what is needed on a road trip. It is usually helpful to remove a few of the chairs or large appliances that are not needed from the back. This will create open space for preparing fishing gear, cooking or sleeping.

Bring Extra Containers

Even custom vans with storage cabinets might become full during a long camping trip. It is a good idea to always bring a few extra sealable containers that are large enough to hold wet clothes, extra food or even collectables gathered while exploring an area. These containers have the advantage of being able to be placed outside of the cabin when necessary to temporarily make more space. They also make it easier to organize items and to clear out the back at night when everyone must lay down and go to sleep.

Pack Extra Blankets For Heat

It is easy to forget that the heating system in a van conversion is not really intended to be used non-stop throughout the night while everyone is sleeping. This presents a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning that should not be ignored. When camping in places that are going to become cold at night, it is best to plan to stay warm with blankets and heavy clothing.

Plan To Recharge On Long Trips

The electricity that is provided in custom vans is normally enough to power some devices on short trips. Longer trips might require a separate generator that is run outside of the cabin. A better option would be to plan to stop at night at camp sites that have electrical charging outlets. This makes it easy to recharge any necessary equipment without draining the battery in the van. It also allows appliances like microwaves or electric ranges to work at full capacity.