How To Check For Damage In Second Hand Caravans : When buying a second hand caravan, there are many things that you need to rigorously check for to ensure that you are getting a good deal and a caravan that is going to last you for many years to come. Many people will tell you that checking for damp is the most important thing to do, but it is also highly important to check for any damage in the second hand van as this can lead to expensive issues in the future.

It is always best to start on the caravan’s outside and work your way in. The best way to check for dents and small dings on the body of the caravan is to run your hands down the sides. This will also help you to check that the sides are straight and do not bow in or out. Another thing to check is that the panels all match. This is usually more obvious further away from the caravan than up close – for example, one panel may appear whiter or newer than the rest.

Check the second hand caravan’s tyres for cracking, splitting, bulges and general wear and tear. Ask the owner how old the tyres are – it is said that a caravan’s tyres only have a life of around five years, so if they are any older they will have to be replaced, which can be costly. You should also check that the caravan’s spare tyre is a match to the other tyres. Check the rims for chips and grooves sustained when the caravan bumps into the curb.

Be sure to check out the chassis and the entire towing mechanism of the second hand caravan, as if any of these parts are damaged it is highly dangerous and could cause an accident. A caravan chassis is known to rust, and any new paint or underseal may be hiding rust patches underneath. Check that all the second hand moving mechanisms, such as the hitch, jockey wheel and handbrake, move freely.

If there is an awning rail attached the second hand caravan, check it for grooves, chips and cracks. This can be highly problematic when it comes time for your to put up your own awning as it will not fit properly or will create a safety hazard.

Inside the second hand caravan, check all the locks and hinges of the doors and cupboards. It is important for these parts to move freely, as there would be nothing worse than having them break on you whilst on holiday. Ensure that the locks don’t feel too loose or that they stick, as these are both signs of future caravan hassles.