Look At The Features Of Car Speakers

The car speakers and your car audio system should match with each other. Do a thorough research and make a careful choice. To get a powerful and rich sound the speakers should be of the right type. Before you make a choice of speakers, you will have to find out the sensitivity and the power that you require.

Power Handling

The power handling capacity of speakers is measured in watts and makes a determination of the power that can be handles by your speakers. A system that is low in power does not require car speakers that are high powered, but an audio system that is high powered requires speakers that can deal with the output that is powerful.

Sensitivity Rating

An indication of the amount of sound that will be coming out of your speakers on its receiving a signal is determined by its sensitivity rating. In case you are making use of a standard head unit, you will require speakers that have greater sensitivity when compared with building a custom system made up of multiple amplifiers. After you have determined the power requirements of the speakers, make a decision on the type of speakers that you will require.

Full-Range Car Speakers

The complete range of music from the low frequency bass sound to the high frequency treble is accurately reproduced by full-range speakers.

Component Car Speakers

Excellent sound quality is reproduced within a specific range by component speakers. Subwoofers reproduce low frequency notes and tweeters reproduce high frequency notes. The sound quality of your speakers will also be affected by the materials that they are constructed with. A warm sound is reproduced by tweeters made from soft material, but the sound will pop if the material is hard.

Select Car Subwoofers

When you purchase a car subwoofer, there are four factors that you have to take into consideration: system power, subwoofer enclosure, available space and crossovers.

Subwoofer Space

To find out the space available for your car subwoofer, make out a map to the audio system of your car. You will want to ensure that the subwoofer that you desire will fit the space available in your car.

Subwoofer Enclosure

The enclosure of a car subwoofer will help in the defining of it sound output. Some subwoofers come as enclosed subwoofer systems, that is to say, the subwoofer is fitted into an enclosure and is sold as a complete package. A few enclosures are retailed separately, so it is possible for you to are free to select the kind of subwoofer you would want for the enclosure that you have in mind. For those who enjoy doing things themselves, you can miss out on the enclosure completely and construct one yourself.


Crossovers are used to filter out high frequency notes. Get yourself a subwoofer fitted with a low-pass filter so that it reproduces only low frequency bass notes. Nearly all amps come with low-pass filters built into them, but in case you are using a multi-amplifier system, you may require an additional one.

System Power

Ensure that the audio system in your car has sufficient power to power your subwoofer. Many car subwoofers require an amplifier, so keep in mind the power requirements when you are purchasing your amplifier and your subwoofer.

Installing Car Speakers And Car Subwoofers

The procedure for the installation of car speakers differs from vehicle to vehicle. If you are replacing your old speakers with new ones all you have to do is to take out the old car speakers and screw in the new speakers. However, the speakers’ depth have to be taken into consideration to see that they fit into your car. To discover whether the speakers will fit into your car, make use of the “Check Product Fit” feature available on eBay. Go to the page “View Item” and scroll down to the “Description” region, then click the link “Check whether these speakers will fit your car”. Furnish the required details in the fields provided to check whether the item that you have chosen is compatible with your vehicle or car. You may sometimes require mounting brackets for car speakers (they can be bought for nearly all speakers), or in the worst case, you may have to do some drilling and some minor cutting.

Installing In-Dash Car Speakers

For installing car speaker in the dashboard, unscrew and remove the car speaker grills that are already there. If there are no screws present, then the existing speakers are probably of the friction fitting type. Pry them out carefully from the dashboard with a broad, flat tool. In case the grills do not come out easily, then they may have been screwed in from the base.

While removing the old speakers in your car make a note of the positive and negative terminals. Connect the wires to the new speakers and if necessary tuck slightly the connectors to see that you get a secure and solid connection.

Installing Car Speakers In The Doors

For installing car speakers in the doors, remove the grill for the speaker with a broad, flat tool. Unscrew the old speakers and be careful with the existing wiring since most probably you will require them for the new speakers. Most always, you can simply place the new speakers into the existing space, rewire them and screw them down. Sometimes you may have to remove the door panel for installing the speakers. This process differs according to the model and make. As such, you will have to consult the instructions provided in the owner’s manual.

Discover Car Subwoofers And Car Speakers On eBay

Once you have come to a decision on the kind of car speakers and car subwoofer that you intend to purchase visit the “Consumer Electronics” portal on eBay and then click on either the “Car Speakers & Speaker Systems” or the “Car Subwoofers & Enclosures” button underneath the “Car Electronics” link. You can them start your search on eBay for either your car speakers or your car subwoofer.

    • Categories: You can narrow down your search for listings by type of item by using the Categories list on the left hand side of the page.
    • Product Finder: You will find on either the “Car Speakers Finder” or the “Car Subwoofer Finder” link page a drop down menu. You can use this drop down menu to narrow down your search of item listings by brand, size and type.
  • Keyword Search: You can search eBay for any specific item that you require by the use of specific keywords. For instance, in case you want to find a 60-watt speakers on eBay, key in the words “60 watt speakers” (no quotes) into the box provided for searching. Click on the “Search title and description” button to expand your results. A visit to the “Search Tips” page on eBay will give you more guidance on the art of searching eBay using keywords.