What to look for in immersion cooling technology

Andy Richenderfer outlines what OEMs should look for in dielectric fluid formulations and how they can deploy them effectively

It’s been well established that excessive heat buildup can critically damage the essential electronic equipment that keeps electric vehicles (EVs) operating properly. In today’s EV market, there is an increasingly important need for an ideal method for mitigating heat generated by

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RV Technical Institute Recruits Techs During Hershey Show –

As part of its ongoing Year of Recruitment, the RV Technical Institute was at the Hershey Show to promote the only industry-backed gold standard training curriculum and recruit future RV technicians to reach the goal of training 1,000 individuals from outside the industry this year.

Many who stopped by the booth acknowledged the need for RV technicians and either wanted

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Summer of Theft Creating Bad Publicity for Hyundai, Kia

Following an internet trend that proliferated on TikTok over the summer, there’s been an alleged surge of vehicle thefts targeting Kia and Hyundai products. The issue reportedly began with a video tutorial recorded in Milwaukee showing how to steal the cars by shoving a connected USB cable into a cracked-open ignition. But the resulting problem has spread to major cities

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