Mercedes EQV electro camper MPV seats 8 people, camps 4 or

Inspired by the bright-yellow postal buses that have long served as a vital connection to some of Switzerland’s hardest-to-reach peaks and valleys, Swiss camper van specialist Yellowcamper injects the resolute, innovative spirit of the country’s uniquely diverse transportation system into each RV it offers, none more so than the new Mercedes-Benz EQV Camper. Billed as the country’s first electric camper

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The customer experience in the utility industry: 3 pillars

The rapid diffusion of mobile devices on a global scale, the spread of 5G and IoT, the growing awareness of climate change that is pushing institutions toward more decisive action, distributed and deregulated energy, the pandemic emergency, and finally to conflict in Ukraine: despite the upheavals—technological, political, social, cultural—of recent years, the ecological transition has not stalled. On the

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Pixel Buds Pros Bring AirPods-Like Audio Switching to

  • Google Pixel Buds Pros do AirPod-style auto switching between devices. 
  • Any third-party makers can add Fast Paring to their headphones. 
  • Chromebook will add the feature in a future update.


Google’s Android is finally set to copy one of AirPods’ most useful tricks—automatic switching between connected devices. 

Wireless is supposed to make things easier, and when it does, it’s great.

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FAQ About Online Auto Auctions: What You Need To Know

If you’re looking for cheap cars for sale, you should check out online sca auctions. Used car dealers have relied on vehicle auctions for decades because of their low prices. With the advancements in today’s technology, many of these auctions can now be accessed online. But before you start looking for “online auctions near me,” there are some important things

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